Working on Organic Certification – Nessalla Kombucha

Working on Organic Certification

February 9th, 2015 | Posted in: Business - Other, Featured

NessAlla Kombucha Tea with Rose & Juniper

Photo by Vanessa Tortolano

Whoa! SO we are finally doing it! We have submitted our files and application to MOSA the Midwest Organic Services Association. We are on our way to being certified. That being said, holy hell is it tedious! As it should be, don’t get me wrong. You definitely want to be able to have and prove that all of your practices are organic and follow the guidelines. Still, I spent many hours looking up terms, making new formats, writing out procedures and slamming my head on my desk over and over and over. It is thorough and has raised the bar for us in our little ever expanding Kombucha world.

We do find that having that organic cert stamp is important. It is important for us personally to support Organic and we know that it is important to many of you. We have always been organic, now we will soon have the little logo to prove it. Then….on to the GMO Free labeling!

Seriously though, when you start doing all of the documentation and systems stuff, you really get a grasp on what is coming in and out of your facility. So THATS what all those long numbers are for. Luckily, we have very few ingredients to track and follow. I couldn’t imagine what it is like for a small farm to do it all with a plethora of vegetables and products. I can imagine jamming myself in the eye with a pencil might be more enjoyable. As we get bigger, the paper trail gets taller and more important so therefore must be filed nicely…..hmmmmm organization you say? Call in Ca Slamdra Schmid to help get everything in it’s proper place!

It’s cool how much we learn and grow with this business. How even now, almost 7 years since we began, we still have “aha!” moments. Moments where we go, “hey, if we do it this way, we save more, water, time, electricity, etc”. As we grow and get busier, we have to keep those problem solving caps on tight so we can grow effectively and remember that there are always effective ways to improve.

We are thankful that we have such a kick-ass team that is flexible and willing to share ideas as well as bust their humps to make sure you get a quality product. Have a good week folks! We’ll keep you posted on the Certification process.


Updated on: February 9th, 2015 | Posted in: Business - Other, Featured

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