Willy Street Reader Producer Profile – Nessalla Kombucha

Willy Street Reader Producer Profile

By: Lynn Olson, Director of Cooperative Services, The Willy Street Co-Op Reader,

The NessAlla Kombucha Team

We’ve been profiled in The Willy Street Co-Op Reader! We’re so honored to be included in our local co-op’s amazing lineup of producers.

We use all Rishi Tea in our brewing and that is where the flavors come from. We don’t add any juice. In the seasonal blend we try to use local wild-crafted herbs. All of our blends, except for the lemongrass ginger, are made with the oolong tea, which is a fermented blend of green and black tea. It has a very full-bodied flavor all on its own and then we blend in rooibos teas to create the other flavors which are complex and fruity. The lemongrass is a black tea blend. Kombucha needs black tea as its highest nutrition and keeps the brew healthy and balanced.

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Updated on: April 1st, 2010 | Posted in: Press

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