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What’s up booch?

June 19th, 2013 | Posted in: NessAlla News

Kombucha people!!! Whoa! This has been quite a spring so far into the summer. We are so excited for it to be warm and sunny out. It’s wonderful to get outside to the farmer’s markets and out into nature to see all that is coming out of the ground.

We wanted to sort of get you back into the loop of what we’ve been up to. Soon our bottles will be coming out with Nutritional Labeling! What? Yes, we are growing up. People have often asked us how much sugar they should expect in their kombucha and now you have an answer. It’s really quite low, we are happy to report. So drink up! The other thing that you will notice on the nutritional label is that yes, we do used filtered water. Reverse osmosis water to be exact. We have a giant 500 gallon reverse osmosis system that blasts out the water and has a recovery rate of about 10 gallons a minuet! What!? Yes. We need it when we are filling large orders which are coming in more and more lately. With the summer time kick up, we are pumping out the booch at new record levels!

Something else you may notice, is that we have on the ingredients list “eco-social certified” sugar. It is a new certification that is just being introduced to America. Our sugar primarily comes from Brazil currently. It is Organic, gluten free, and certified by IBD Certifications.

Let’s go into what this “eco-social” certification means.

EcoSocial is a fair trade program created by IBD and applicable exclusively to products and processes certified as organic.

The EcoSocial certification applies to companies, properties, and producer groups that envision the development of an internal process of human, social and environmental development stimulated by commercial relationships that are based on the principles of Fair Trade. An action plan is developed based on an initial diagnostic, which intends to provide for continual improvement in the social and environmental framework (Working Conditions, Quality of Life, and Environmental Recovery).


Please also check this out: Eco Social

More and more, concern is coming out over Organic, fair trade, GMO-free, locally sourced, free range, etc, This certification would be one big umbrella covering all of these things.

This also brings up a big subject for us. We do not currently label our kombucha as Organic Certified.  We do, however, adhere to all of it’s practices. All of our tea is certified organic from Rishi Tea in Milwaukee. So is all of our sugar. Up until now, ladies and gents, we simply have not had the funds or capacity to do so. These things are very important to us and at the very base of WHY we do this. We want to provide something healthy for our community. Not only do we want to have a healthy product, but we wish to help to nurture the health of our local community. I don’t want to bang ya’ll over the head with it, so I’m going to post it all here once and only mention occasionally what we do here at NessAlla to promote sustainability and keep our world healthy while being a good example. We don’t just wanna sit here tooting our own horn about how awesome we are to make anyone feel bad. We do these things because they are our core and we want to be transparent to our customers.

  1. Our tea is Organic certified and Fair trade through Rishi Tea in Milwaukee. These guys are awesome! You should check out their story here Rishi-Tea
  2. Our Sugar is certified Organic and EcoSocial certified.
  3. Our bottles are screen printed glass so no label. Bottles are returnable and re-usable! We get them in Milwaukee from WB Bottles
  4. PERMACULTURE! Our spent tea and SCOBY’s are given to local permaculturists who use them to enrich the soil and grow biodynamic and organic food. We also have a lot of cardboard that comes through and that too goes to permaculturists who use it to smother grass and weeds before they start layering on biomass to grow food.
  5. CAPS! For the longest time we have been trying to find something to do about our caps. They are not recyclable and no one would take them for anything and they are not legally reusable.

I was wasting some time on the internet, and I stumbled upon this piece by Chris Jordan. Please watch this video to learn more about this amazing artist and how our plastic consumption affects on of the most remote places on Earth. Please, also look into his art work. It is amazingly detailed, HUGE, and poignant about the pollution on our planet, and our over consumerism.

Feeling very moved, I contacted his studio and asked if they would like to take our caps to use to create an art piece or pieces. We get many of our caps back returned with the growlers. We have always had a very hard time figuring out what to do with them. They accepted! So, please send us your caps! Leave them on your growlers when you return them, or collect them and send them to 1418 S. Park St. Madison, WI 53704.

Now, almost ALL of our packaging and process is recyclable! Now, the only thing that is complete trash is the seal that we HAVE to use. We are working to find seals that we could use that may be biodegradable? The search is on.

Nessalla often gives back to the community. We donate about 10% or more in product, of what we make per year to go to raffles, charities, and fund raisers.

When you buy NessAlla kombucha, know that you are contributing to not only your own health, but the health of your community and the planet. Thank you for supporting us!

The NessAlla Team

Updated on: June 19th, 2013 | Posted in: NessAlla News

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