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Tuesday Farmers Market! (Warning! Post contains swears)

June 29th, 2015 | Posted in: Farmers Market

Hi! How was your Monday? Mine was filled with managing willful children, sitting on hold for roughly 2 hours tossed around from operator to operator, errands and the dentist! So I’m f*^&ing great! You know what’s great about Mondays though? Tomorrow is Tuesday, and that is East Side market day.  Which means a new fresh, kick-ass, in-season NessAlla flavor that you can only find at two markets. This week, you can ONLY find it at the EAST Side Farmers Market on Jenny St. from 4pm-7 in the Wil-Mar parking lot…..not gonna be at the West Side community market, sorry…

I know what your thinking…..”Why do they only sell these super special flavors at these tiny markets?”

You know what I have to say to that? Stop your whining and go support some local farmers! Tiny markets are the BEST! Wanna know why? You can get all of the things you need from a big market in 1/4 of the time and have to deal with about 1/10 the amount of people. If you have kids, they can play on the jungle gym or shoot some hoops while you shop instead of whining at you to hurry up when you want to spend a few moments checking out the local goods. Plus you can get something in their and your gob before you freak on one another.  Like an awesome delicious biscuit or tart from Honey Bee Bakery. Holy shit guys, her stuff is awesome.

AND all those other awesome things about shopping at a local farmers market.

1. Supporting your local economy.

Your dollars go to local producers who then support other local producers, who then support other local producers…..etc. We tend to be pretty like minded that way…

2. Supporting the local eco system.

Local produce and products generally help with soil restoration, pollination places for our friends the bees, composting, which is often fed to chickens and other animals that then produce eggs and meat and shit. The shit and other compost go back to the earth to grow the produce and the circle continues. Be part of the circle. It fuckin feels good.

3. Supporting your rad self.

When you eat super fresh food your body is happy. Know why? Because it needs that stuff. Live enzymes live in live food. There are more live enzymes in food that is fresher. Most of that produce in the markets was picked within a few days, if not that very day! Live enzymes help your digestion and gut. When you don’t get enough live enzymes, your body has to make them, thus making it work harder, which taxes the body, blah, blah, blah, look it up if you want more info. I’m not yer mama! Eating fresh food = Good.

4. Engage with your community

It’s good to get out and connect with your community. Talk to people, smile, laugh, share some stories. This is what we should be doing in the warm months!! There are so few left!! Go see people! If you don’t like the people but like the fresh stuff, maybe send a friend who likes that stuff and cook them a tasty meal for their efforts for you. Connect. That is what’s most important. Connect to your world.

Kombucha teaches me more than anything that creating symbiotic relationships are very beneficial to the WHOLE PLANET. The good stuff. It’s why we’re here guys.

5. Learn something new

Don’t know what something is or how to use it? Just ask! Most vendors are happy to educate you about their products and how to use them well.

I guess now I’ll let you know what the new flavor is. I just did that so you would read my nut job blog. I suppose you already guessed from the featured image so it’s not a freakin’ mystery. However, if you are still sitting there like ,”well what is it?!” It’s Mulberry. Because they are EVERYWHERE right now staining your sidewalk, making a huge purple mess all over the place because they drop, rot, and ferment. Then birds and squirrels eat them and poop purple on your car……and, they make an amazing booch! It will make your body smile. I don’t know how, exactly, but it will, so there.

IMG_4250We also still have some of the Wild Chamomile, Red Clover flavor. See last weeks post.  It too also kicks some proverbial ass!

P.S. All those mulberries were hand whapped down with a big stick onto a tarp by yours truly and an awesome friend, Astarte. #protip

Get out to the market and connect with your people, land and community!

The NessAlla team.

Updated on: June 29th, 2015 | Posted in: Farmers Market

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