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The NessAlla Logo and what it means

December 5th, 2016 | Posted in: Featured, NessAlla News

Original Logo created by Matt Sagen reformatted text by Somer Rickards

Hi all! We have been asked several times what the NessAlla logo means. At first glance of the color logo it could be many things. old-nessalla-logo-colorA woman in front of a grape soda explosion perhaps.

The NessAlla woman is many things to us. She expresses strength, joy, power, freedom. The NessAlla image is a symbol for women. We started this company with two women. Even in this day and age, being a woman is still quite difficult. We had a hard time getting people to take us seriously in the beginning. Our company is one of the very first commercial craft kombucha companies in the world. Alla and I busted our butts to learn how to do it properly without much guidance from anyone else. This image shows pride and strength.

NessAlla Kombucha Raspberry flavorLiving in the midwest is also a pretty difficult place to bust out a whole new beverage that isn’t very sweet and, *gasp! good for you.  Had two men done the same exact thing, they would have had a much easier time, gotten way more promotion and a bit more lime light on the whole thing. Think about it, women have been fighting for equal rights, pay and status for almost 60 years now. Men still have quite the upper hand in many ways. Women have to work harder, and be better to get equal attention. I know people are tired of hearing about it. How do you think it feels to have to keep saying things about it? Look at the image again. Does it convey an exasperated woman?

Color Logo

In the last 8 years we have come very far. What started as a small operation in a home kitchen, is now an ever growing and expanding commercial business reaching 11 states. Our growth is due, in huge part, to our community of awesome people in Madison. Talking, educating, supporting and walking our talk. Our logo is also a sign of gratefulness.

In certain cultures an image of a woman with no face is a symbol for the Mother Goddess, Mother Earth. NessAlla is extremely concerned with our impact on the environment and the care of our planet. Please read our blog about our Sustainability and Integrity.

We’ve also found that the logo is playful and malleable. As are we. Times change, places change, our culture changes. We have to be able to shift and grow with all of these tings. We do our best to accommodate all these changes. In the meantime we also celebrate the shifts….You can do all kinds of fun things with this image…

OCTO-Beer Fest

10685428_10152925424395979_4448200204926416855_nApparently, She represents quite a bit to us. In the coming years there is a fear that many of women’s, LGBTQ, and minority rights will be rolled back, that we have to fear for our safety. I am here to call you out. It is now time to stand up stronger than ever. It’s time to really support one another in all ways. We hope that the NessAlla symbol will stand as a reminder to be strong, hopeful, joyus and powerful. We hope that it reminds you to stand up for your own rights and the rights of others so that we can move forward together. When you see this symbol know that the business behind it employs people of all backgrounds and genders. It is a business that cares about the environment and sustainability. We are a business that will continue to maintain integrity as we grow and change.

NessAlla is a proud sponsor and supporter of many women owned and operated businesses and events. We have contributed to many events and causes for the LGBTQ community as well. If you are looking for sponsors and supporters of your projects or events, please contact us at

Updated on: December 5th, 2016 | Posted in: Featured, NessAlla News

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