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Subtle Synchronistic Symbiosis

July 22nd, 2015 | Posted in: Featured

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Photo by Vanessa Tortolano

Photo by Vanessa Tortolano

The following article is solely the opinion of the writer and does not represent the beliefs of NessAlla Kombucha, affiliates or employees.

So, I’ve got this theory. Well I have lots of them that rattle around in my noggin, but this one really started taking shape about a year or so ago.

Kombucha is a result of a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. Which is to say the bacteria and yeast have a mutually beneficial relationship. The yeast and the bacteria “eat” the different parts of the sugar/tea solution and create the fizzy, pro biotic, vitamin rich, drink. This product is then consumed by us, and for most people, benefits their gut and overall health. THIS symbiotic relationship is a bit one sided, unless you consider that it does take a human to carry on the brewing of kombucha in order to continue the proliferation of the SCOBY dynasty.

Kombucha SCOBY

Photo By Stephanie Ricketts

When I started drinking kombucha, I noticed the change in my attitude, health, mind, body, skin, energy.

These are all of MY OWN experiences. Please do not take it as any sort of advice or advocacy!!

At that time in my life, I had major changes beginning to happen. As the business was beginning to unfold we noticed that things would often be very synchronistic. Things would happen when they were supposed to, not necessarily when we wanted them to. Opportunities and people came to us with the right info that we needed to move forward. I also noticed that these things would be happening in my own personal life.

Fast forward to the present. These things still happen to us, to me.

Looking back on the last few years of my life, I thought, well I have great luck, an awesome friend and partner. Our hard work is really paying off.

My sister also began brewing kombucha and ALSO started her own kombucha business out in Hood River Oregon called One Breath Beverage with HER friend. She started noticing little synchronistic happenings as well.  We began talking about it a bit more extensively. We have many parallels in our lives since she started her company. Funny little things that tend to happen at the same time. I also started talking to other people who also drank kombucha regularly and found that some of them had also begun to notice more “coincidental” things happening.

Here’s where my theory comes in….I feel like the consumption of symbiosis has helped bring more synchronizations and symbiotic relationships into my life. Maybe it sounds totally freakin cuck-coo. I’ll take that.

I feel like having those symbiotic elements in my body, being digested and incorporated into my very blood, create sort of a recognition for symbiosis in my own life. My relationships have improved vastly. All the negative non-beneficial relationships in my life began to disappear. I’m not claiming my life is all sparkles and unicorn kisses or that it’s effortless and easy.  It’s not. I just find that I have way more mutually beneficial relationships in my life than I ever have before.  The other thing is that they are all interconnected somehow. Almost every group of people that I am a part of now…Monkey Business Institute, Les Cougars, plus all the other various ridiculous things I get involved with, have been a result of something kombucha related. Madison is kinda like that anyway. What is it, like 1/2 a degree of separation? It’s probably a mental thing. It’s all in my head, but fuck it, it’s working for me so I’m going with it.

Photo by Vanessa Tortolano

Photo by Vanessa Tortolano

I’m obviously no scientist, but it would be cool if someone could eventually do a study on something like this. They are discovering that fermented foods might be helpful with mental health, depression and anxiety.


Gut health is totally related to the rest of the body. The body is connected to the mind and the soul is connected to all of it, right? Maybe not, I suppose you can’t even scientifically prove that souls exist. Especially Red Heads, ammarite? (note owners of NessAlla are a red head and strawberry blonde)

Just makes sense that with the rise of over processed foods in our lives has lead to more disease, depression and super high anxiety. It’s not the only factor of course, but it’s sure a big deal. There are of course other factors that go along with all of the over food processing such as pollution, chemical pesticides and what-not, run-off, industrial process pollution and packaging waste and trash which all contribute to the over all “health” of the planet and it’s people. We are all living in a world of symbiotic relationships. Like the spread of mycelium, the spread of brain synapses, and the lines of connectivity found everywhere in our world visible and invisible. Some more mutually beneficial than others.


image care of

image care of


Of course there will be the people who don’t believe any of that. Like I said, this is MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION. ALL of this. So, :P.

I’m just some crazy lady with hippie tendencies who thinks that drinking kombucha magically helps to create more synergistic synchronizations in my life. Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here having a good time.

To mutually beneficial relationships!!


Updated on: July 22nd, 2015 | Posted in: Featured

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