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I just wanted to tell you how much I am in LOVE with your kombucha. I recently found your drinks at the Sugar Beet co-op in Oak Park, IL. Prior to Sugar Beet I could only find kombucha at Whole Foods, who carries mainly GT’s Kombucha. I don’t dislike GT’s, but boredom set in with few brand and flavor options and I just stopped drinking kombucha all together a few years ago.

After recently trying a tasty kombucha on tap while vacationing, I was reminded of how great kombucha tastes and makes me feel. Shortly after my return home I discovered Sugar Beet co-op where I found NessAlla. Your drinks raise the bar for kombucha. I am back on the ‘bucha and am lovin’ it! I am extremely fond of the current season’s flavor: Hibiscus Cardamom Ginger, and am worried about withdrawal once the season ends! However, I am excited to try Elderflower Lemonbalm in the spring, which also sounds awesome. Some of my other NessAlla favorites: Lemongrass Ginger & Juniper Rose.

Today as I sipped on a NessAlla Hibiscus Cardamom Ginger, I was thinking something with Lavender might be nice, and then I decided to check out your website where saw your summer seasonal flavor: Lavender Mint. Whoohoo! Seriously, these flavors are incredible, like you’re reading my mind. I hope one day soon to make up to Madison for a brewery tour, and find you on tap in town. Road trip!!!

Thanks and keep up the great brewing,


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