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Kombucha Reincarnation

Kombucha Vinegar

You’ve been brewing for a bit now and this latest batch, whoops! When did I start that? Man that SCOBY got big! Let’s see how it tastes…..hmmmm probably not gonna drink that….

Never happens, right? I know I don’t EVER get caught up in my life of kids, work, family, friends, etc, etc and forget about the fun ferments I have going at my house.  *Sheepish smile* No worries friend. I got some ideas for you so ya don’t have to try and choke that stuff down or throw it out.  So tart and vinegary!!! Yep which brings me to rule number 1. It looks smells and tastes just like vinegar. Guess what? You can use it just about any way you would use vinegar…


One of the things I love to use Kombucha vinegar for is making my own dressings and marinades.  Usually I just throw something together without really measuring, going by taste. I chuck in some Kombucha vinegar, some olive oil, a bit of salt or tamari, some fresh chopped garlic and something for sweetness. I have use all kinds of things from orange juice to jelly, fresh pomegranate seeds to frozen blueberries.  I combine all of the ingredients and blend them up on high or put em all in an empty 16oz NessAlla Bottle and shake the s*!^ out of it.  If I want to make a marinade, I add fresh onion and some herbs and spices. Let the meat or veggies marinate fro about 12 hours or so. Makes some of the juiciest meats!

Hair Rinse

So you know how some people rinse their hair with vinegar and it helps strip all the residues and create shine? Yeah? Well you can do that with booch vinegar too!! There has been a recent no-poo movement which I’m not too researched on, but I don’t wash my hair very often anyway. I do wash about 2x a week…..maybe…..THEN what I have been doing, is putting my kombucha vinegar in my old not rinsed out conditioner bottle with a few drops of lavender and peppermint and shaking it up really well, then dousing my freshly washed hair with the vinegar solution. I leave it on for a few minuets comb through and rinse. When I get out of the shower, I towel it dry and add a bit of coconut oil throughout. I gots curly hair and this regimen has my hair shiny, soft and super manageable without frizz!! Dude, I’m so happy.

Foot Soak!

Just about every year I end up with athletes foot from the endless winter months of wearing sock and shoes and house slippers with my tends-to-be-damp feet. Gross. My feeties are very cold most of the time AND slightly sweaty and clammy, thus producing a great environment for this nasty little beast that eats away at the skin flesh. Hope your not eating….

ANY-who, I discovered that if I soak my tender tootsies in some kombucha vinegar for about 10 mins once a week I no longer have this pesky problem.

What, are you going to put kombucha on EVERYTHING?! Maybe…

Facial Toner

I like to take a bit of kombucha vinegar in a small glass bottle…( a recycled vanilla extract bottle does nicely) add a little bit of water and a drop of lavender essential oil, shake like the dickens…and apply to my fresh clean face with a cotton ball.  My face feels refreshed and rejuvenated and I swear I have minimized some of the finer lines…


You are a brewing CHAMP! You make Kombucha all the time! You’ve given all of your friends extra SCOBY’s from your batches and now they are taking over your jars and even your home. You can’t seem to bring yourself to throw away these concentrated blobs of Kombucha goodness. They are ALIVE for crying out loud! You can’t just throw them AWAY!! After all of your time talking and singing and laughing with the microscopic morphing muses, you can’t just abandon them!! They might eat up the plastic and garbage in the bin, growing and mutating, and take over the WORLD!!!

Now that I’ve used up my quota of exclamation marks for the day, we may continue.  There are many things that you can do with your old SCOBY’s that you might not have ever thought about.

So after all that talk about not tossing out the creatures, I’m going to suggest BLENDING THEM UP INTO TINY BITS! Muhuauauahahahaha!

Take some of your older SCOBY’s…the ones that have more yeast deposits and are a bit more brown and put ’em in a blender. Add a bit of finished kombucha, kombucha vinegar or water and blend on high until you get an applesauce-like consistency.  You may then take this sludge and use it for a few different things…

Let it Grow

I have used a bit of this stuff to pour around the drip line of my acidic house plants such as hibiscus and peace lily. They have shown a great amount of vigor and increased greenness and blooming after such an application and watering. Best to do in the winter months as any part of Kombucha does attract those pesky little fruit flies like hippies on hummus. Not even kidding.

Cracking up

You ever get those horrific little cracks in your fingertips that hurt like someone repeatedly stabbing you in the fingers? I used to. Then I started blending SCOBY up and rubbing it all over my hands once a week. Haven’t had the cracks since AND it seems to reduce very dry skin making it lovely and soft.

Smoothie Boost

Add some of this blended up Kombucha concentrate to your favorite smoothie. It will give it and you a great kick!

Exfoliate! (said like a Dalek. Yes, I’m a geek!)

Take the SCOBY slush and rub it anywhere you need exfoliating. Small circles and large, then rinse and pat dry. Who’s got soft supple skin now? You do.

Make a Toast to Compost

Last but not least, just chuck ’em in the compost. The live enzymes and bacteria help to advance the breakdown of your compost system. Also, if you have animals such as goats, chickens, and pigs, they LOVE kombucha SCOBY’s and will eat ’em right up aiding their digestion. PLUS that whole thing about attracting fruit flies? The SCOBY’s will attract fruit flies to the compost where they will lay their larva which is also super yummy for animals and full of protein and deliciousness.

There ya have it. Please let us know what YOU do with your extra SCOBY’s and aged Kombucha vinegar and we might feature it on the site!

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