NessAlla + Alt Brew Copperhead – Nessalla Kombucha

NessAlla + Alt Brew Copperhead

May 30th, 2019 | Posted in: Beer, Booch ’N Beer, Featured

Welcome back, radler fans! In this episode of Booch ‘N Beer, Vanessa and ALT Brew‘s master-brewer, Trevor Easton, discuss our latest radler combo: ALT Brew Copperhead + NessAlla Blueberry Kombucha. Copperhead, ALT Brew’s award-winning copper ale, features roasted millet, creating a supremely drinkable beer with strong malt and chocolate notes. Combine it with NessAlla Blueberry Kombucha for a balanced radler not dissimilar to a blueberry chocolate truffle. Great on its own, but would pair nicely with a burger (if knowing that kind of thing floats your boat). Check out the video and give this tasty booch ‘n beer recipe a try!

Follow along as we visit our favorite local craft breweries and create scrumptious beer cocktails — new episodes drop weekly!

Updated on: May 30th, 2019 | Posted in: Beer, Booch ’N Beer, Featured

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