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Is NessAlla Kombucha Kosher?

April 22nd, 2018 | Posted in: Featured, Kosher, NessAlla News

Is NessAlla Kombucha Kosher?

The short answer to that is: yes! NessAlla Kombucha recently received kosher certification, meaning that our booch can be enjoyed by anyone maintaining a kosher diet.

The long answer: we sort of already were – we didn’t have to reformulate our recipes, switch ingredients, or replace any equipment in order to conform to kosher guidelines – but with certification we can officially say that, indeed, we are kosher. Kosher Pareve, in fact.

So why get certified? Kosher guidelines cover more than just what foods are acceptable to consume; preparation is a determining factor as well. As such, reading a product’s ingredients list is not sufficient in determining whether something is kosher or not – how it’s made is important, too. That’s where certification outfits, such as Kosher Supervisors of Wisconsin, come in to play. They inspect facilities to ensure kosher-friendly practices are followed and that ingredients adhere to kosher law. Their stamp of approval means that a product’s ingredients and its means of preparation conform to kosher standards.

It all comes down to this:
• If you eat kosher (or kosher adjacent), whether for religious or secular reasons, that’s awesome. Pick up some NessAlla Kombucha the next time you’re at the store. Because, hey, we’re the booch for you.
• If you don’t eat kosher, that’s cool, too. NessAlla Kombucha is still your booch, just like it always was. Happy day!

Check out this video where we talk about kosher certification:

Updated on: April 22nd, 2018 | Posted in: Featured, Kosher, NessAlla News

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