Illinois – Nessalla Kombucha

Find us in Illinois

Howdy, our dear Illinoisans! We’re putting you to the test. How many of you knew that NessAlla Kombucha is available at markets, co-ops, grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, coffeehouses, breweries, and so many more locations scattered across the state of Illinois? We promise, it’s really true! In the Chicago area, catch us downtown, near Lake Michigan, close to the Wisconsin border, near campus, or in the suburbs- we’ve got you covered.

But, hey, what about the rest of Illinois? No worries – NessAlla Kombucha is available in Champaign, Springfield, and even Davenport. Yes, you read all that correctly. Hanging out in Rockford? We’re there, too! From the north near Elburn to the center of the state near Bloomington, you’ll find us. Arthur? Don’t worry, you’re in, too! Fairbury? You’re on our radar, you betcha.

We could go on and on, but that might take a while. Instead, check out this handy dandy map and a full rundown of the places where NessAlla Kombucha is currently available. And if you want to have NessAlla Kombucha carried somewhere we’re not already, drop us a line, and let us know about it!