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Good Food Festival and the new Seasonal!

March 18th, 2015 | Posted in: Featured, NessAlla News


Well hello! It’s almost spring. Officially it will start this weekend and so too will the warmish days. This is Wisconsin spring though, so of course be prepared to be royally messed with in the coming weeks. You know how it goes….”oh my gosh! It’s 60 deg out! I’m going to wear shorts and a t-shirt!!” 6 inches of snow later…..”turn the heat back on” Snow melts away….”it’s 72! I’m going to go out in my garden and get seedlings and plant them!”……… ICE STORM!!!

Something like that. Any who. So this weekend we will be attending the Good Food Festival in Chicago. We have been going every year for the past….4 years now I believe. We love the folks that put this event together. Check it out!!

The 11th annual Good Food Festival & Conference, March 19-21 at Chicago’s UIC Forum, brings consumers, producers, buyers, top chefs, experts, and investors together to celebrate the fast-growing local and sustainable food movement!

The public is welcomed to the family-friendly Festival with more than 150 farmers, artisans, and other exhibitors to meet you and offer samples. Learn from experts during chef demos and sessions such as Design and Grow an Edible Garden, Charcuterie with top local shop The Butcher & Larder, a discussion on The Future of Food with media experts from Crain’s Chicago Business and WBEZ, and more. You can even sign up for a great Urban Farm Bus Tour. The Friday night Localicious party is one of Chicago’s top annual tasting events where food from restaurants like Big Jones, Farmhouse, and Vera can be paired with some of the region’s finest craft beer, spirits, hard cider, and wine.

If you have a business or policy interest in Good Food, or just want to learn more about the movement’s key issues, please attend the Thursday Good Food Financing & Innovation Conference and the Friday Trade day.

Buy tickets online and save.

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At this wonderful conference we will be debuting our newest spring seasonal Elderflower Lemon Balm! Don’t let the picture at the top fool you. That picture does indeed have elderflowers in it. Those pretty white ones are the elder. The internets wouldn’t let me upload some stolen pictures and I don’t have one with Elder and Lemon balm so this will have to do until I get to take one later in the season when things are actually blooming. The pretty pink flowers are clover, for those of you interested.

The Elderflower Lemon Balm is a delightfully refreshing and delicious kombucha with a light and airy aroma, beautiful elder with light body and lemony zest that sparkles on the tongue, and a rich yet light bottom, making this seasonal exceptionally well rounded and balanced.

This would be the part where I would go into the very intentional health benefits behind our choice of these herbs for this season. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to divulge this kind of information according to the FDA. We are also not allowed to direct you via web link to any articles that would provide such information unless we would like to pay the exuberant fees to become a supplement.  We do hope that you will look up the benefits of these herbs yourself and know that we chose them to aid your body during this specific time of year.

Enjoy your Spring!

Nazdarovya! To your Health!


Updated on: March 18th, 2015 | Posted in: Featured, NessAlla News

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