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Future Home Of NessAlla Kombucha

May 30th, 2015 | Posted in: NessAlla News

Many of you have heard about the Garver Feed Mill. That fantastic historic building behind Olbrich Gardens. It sits tucked away amid over grown weeds just past the bike path crumbling away laying in wait for something glorious to happen.



Creaking and dripping goes the building as the various birds careen through the echoing main chamber.  It’s cooler in here. Moss grows scattered in patches among the sun beams that shoot through the dilapidated ceiling and broken windows.


Graffiti decorates the crumbling brick walls, expressing the artistic whims of those who have trundled through out of curiosity or by those who have participated in Motab.  As the wind blows I can almost hear the wheels turning and crunching, the laughter and the clang of metal frames smashing together in a heap.


There is a courtyard where a wild garden grows exposed to the sky, plants popping through the earth and broken bits of boards and brick.








This broken shell. This beautiful mess, will be the future home of NessAlla Kombucha. There will be others. Other artisans, fellow nature lovers, fellow foodies to feast with.  The magic wild garden will remain, just transformed. To be shared with everyone who is curious._MG_3497

It will take time. This is a thoughtful space. A place where ideas will be created and shared. A place to spark and grow ideas and connect.  Good things come to those who wait. We are grateful to be invited to participate in this amazing project.



All Photos by Vanessa Tortolano

Updated on: May 30th, 2015 | Posted in: NessAlla News

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