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Farmers Market flavors for the week!!!

June 20th, 2015 | Posted in: Featured, Kombucha Flavors

imageAlright dudes, you have no idea what you are about to taste. Ok, maybe you do. But once you have it, you will want more. The only problem is there is only a very limited supply and only two places to buy these flavors….

This Saturday at the West Side Community Market from 7-1 you can get a hold of our very special Strawberry Basil flavor. You will also be able to snag some at the East Side Farmers Market on Tuesday from 4pm-7pm.

It is infused with the sweetest most flavorful strawberries I have ever had. They are from the wonderful Harmony Valley farm who boast some of the most beautiful tasty produce in Wisconsin, AND some of the sweetest people you could ever meet. I know I’m totally hyping this up. I’m pretty confident of these statements. Also they are having a strawberry festival this Sunday June 21st From noon-6pm… you can see for yourself …

How do we make this awesome booch? We make a lovely plain kombucha and then infuse it with hand crushed fresh strawberries. Then we smack the sh!* out of the basil to release the flavor and aromatics and let that all fuse together in a synergistic mouth bomb. Yeeeeeaaahh! You best get some.


We will also have a refreshing Berry Mint flavor whipped up with some specially blended tea from StarWest Botanicals and some fresh mint. This earthy, fruity, cooling blend will be sure to keep you sippin in the shade for a bit with a satisfied little smirk on your face. Who doesn’t like smirking?


SO: Saturday from 7am-1pm in the West Side DMV parking lot

Tuesday: East side Market 4-7 in the Wil-Mar parking lot on Jenifer st.


Strawberry mother f^*#>n Basil

Berry smirkin Mint

get it. We will run out. This will most likely be your only two chances…


Updated on: June 20th, 2015 | Posted in: Featured, Kombucha Flavors

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