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Enjoy that Booch in the Wintertime

December 5th, 2019 | Posted in: Featured, NessAlla News

The Benefits Don’t Go Away Just Because the Sun Did

Booch Bottle on WindowsillFor some, cold drinks during the winter don’t seem like the best option. Riddle me this. Do you stop drinking beer? Do you stop drinking juices? Kombucha is so awesome during the winter because our body naturally craves what it needs for optimal health. Kombucha provides awesome enzymes that we need to digest and help with our natural gut biome. These added enzymes provide the perfect boost we need as a result of eating more starchy foods around the holidays. More bread, potatoes, desserts, etc.

We’ve found that maybe we don’t necessarily reach for kombucha, but when we do, our bodies respond with, “Yes! Drink it all!” We often find ourselves craving it more in the winter as a daily body balancing beverage.

Something the NessAlla crew likes to do in our own homes is just to leave the kombucha on the counter. It does ferment a bit more, but then it isn’t ice cold and that can even help increase the carbonation of some brews. Kombucha is safe to drink at room temperature. The only reason it is kept refrigerated is to slow down the fermentation. Kombucha has a great PH of about 3.0, which keeps it safe for consumption. You may also end up with a bit more SCOBY growth. So if you are looking to make your own kombucha, grab that lil’ vegan oyster and about a cup of kombucha and you have what you need to start your own batch!

Some of our favorite brews in the colder months are the Oolong, with its full-bodied flavor, and the Mango Turmeric with its warming herbs of ginger and turmeric. Of course, there’s our all-time favorite, the Lemongrass Ginger. Ginger in any form supports the body with its anti-inflammatory goodness and stimulates a healthy respiratory system. So the next time you see some kombucha, pick it up and drink it down! Your body will be very grateful.

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Updated on: December 5th, 2019 | Posted in: Featured, NessAlla News

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