Celebrating Our 10 Year Anniversary With A New Look

October 5th, 2018 | Posted in: NessAlla News

NessAlla Kombucha bottle lineup with new logos

In case you didn’t know (or forgot, in which case consider this a friendly reminder), NessAlla Kombucha celebrates its tenth trip around the Sun this year. Since setting out on that voyage, we’ve undergone tremendous growth and change. Vanessa and Alla wanted to communicate this transformation with a new identity.

Whole Lotta Love

The updated logotype is a nod to poster design and lettering from the 1920s and 1970s with a dash of inspiration from soft-drink and beer logos.

NessAlla Kombucha logo

It’s a Living Thing

Boochie – aka the NessAlla “mascot” – received a makeover. She’s still ecstatic, bold and welcoming, but updated with a more realistic human figure. After all, kombucha is a living thing, and Boochie is too.

She’s a Rainbow

NessAlla Kombucha has always been loud and proud. Our new labels feature bold design elements and vibrant colorways. When lined up on store shelves in rainbow formation, the NessAlla Kombucha bottles jump out and catch one’s eye. Look for the new bottles at a grocery store or co-op near you!

NessAlla Kombucha bottle lineup with new logos


Updated on: October 5th, 2018 | Posted in: NessAlla News

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