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CBD in Kombucha? It Just Makes Sense!

July 11th, 2019 | Posted in: CBD, Featured, NessAlla News

Photo: Vanessa Tortolano

It seems like everything these days has CBD in it. You can find it everywhere from high-end supplement shops to dingy corner gas stations. There are boutique CBD shops popping up everywhere.*

What is CBD? 

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It can be derived from marijuana plants, but MOST of it being sold and added to products is HEMP derived , particularly in states that do not have marijuana legalization. 

You cannot get high from Cannabidiol or CBD (even the marijuana derived stuff). Some claim it is a cure-all. It’s about as much of a cure-all as anything else. However, some people completely attest to its effectiveness on different maladies. Others think it’s a huge crock of poop.  

The reason people are so excited about CBD is that your body has something called an endocannabinoid system. It was first discovered in the late ’80s. So, we have a thing in our body that promotes health and balance physiologically within our bodies. CBD is a mechanism that can possibly help balance out the ECS (endocannabinoid system). The reason we have to say possibly, is because the federal government has hamstrung research using hemp derived products for decades, but that’s a different story

People have different bodies. Different systems need different things. One person may find that low dosages help their bodies in different ways, while a different person needs a higher dosage to achieve effective results.

Some people experience more pain, sleeplessness, anxiety, or less, depending on your system. So figuring out what may or may not be effective for you will take some trial and error. It is recommended that you speak with a trusted healthcare professional to see what might work best for your body chemistry, based on its needs, as well as factoring in any other supplements, diet, or pharmaceuticals.

Why put CBD in NessAlla Kombucha?

The reason we decided to do a line of CBD infused premium kombucha, is because well, we love kombucha, and we have found that CBD, when used in the proper amounts for your body, work really, really well.  

We chose 15 mg of CBD in our kombucha because we found that this was an effective amount to achieve results, based on our own experiences. Again, some people will need less and some, more. Also, your EDS may be functioning perfectly, and has no need for any outside influence at all! Lucky you! For others, you may find that CBD just helps you feel good.

Our CBD Flavors

That’s the CBD part. Now, what is going on with those awesome colors? Are they natural? They absolutely are, and we are thrilled about how beautifully these natural ingredients color our tasty kombucha.

Matcha Magic is made using green and Matcha tea, a particular blend that creates a lovely passion fruit flavor and aroma. Then we add E3Live’s Blue Majik which has a bunch of awesomeness of its own to create a powerhouse elixir. This makes the Matcha Magic a beautiful jade color. 

Butterfly Effect is this incredible dark magenta color that transforms over time as the kombucha continues to ferment slightly in the bottle. The tea itself, made from butterfly pea flower, is a deep indigo blue color that changes to magenta with the acidity of the kombucha. The butterfly pea flower doesn’t impart a very strong flavor but mixed with a particular blend of green and jasmine tea, it creates a very tart, and lovely concord grape profile. Paired with the purple color, it’s like a really dope grape drank.

Bottle of NessAlla Kombucha J-Hops Flavor

J-Hops is made using a blend of black and white teas. We basically took our Juniper Rose flavor and dry-hopped it with mosaic hops. This creates a bright and sunny effervescent golden color. The flavor profile is crisp, and refreshing with bangin’ hops flavor, subtle hints of Juniper and a whisper of rose. Those of you taking a break from drinking alcohol will be pleased with this flavor and may find it satisfies that craving.

Photo of Vanessa Tortolano & Alla Tsypin

We hope you enjoy our new line of Kombucha as much as we do. We wanted to make a product that was satisfying on all levels from the exciting and pleasing colors and flavors to the smirky lady on the bottle who knows what’s up. Now get out there and scoop some up! You can find it now in these locations. But be sure to call ahead. Some places have been selling out fast! Drop us a line and tell us what you think.

* You just know these guys are just gearing up for what is to come and the day they can stock the shelves with CBD’s cousin!

Updated on: July 11th, 2019 | Posted in: CBD, Featured, NessAlla News

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