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Fresh Cup, March 2014

March 1st, 2014. Press

Fresh Cup features a variety of kombucha producers in this article about our fast growing industry. We’re honored to be mentioned!

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Vanessa & Alla, owners of NessAlla Kombucha

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Feature

May 14th, 2013. Press

Anna Thomas Bates finds the best fermented foods Wisconsin has to offer, including NessAlla Kombucha!

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Art is where you find it: Five unusual spots for Spring Gallery Night

May 3rd, 2013. Press

The idea for an art show at a kombucha brewery on South Park Street was born out of casual conversation and some serious open space.

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Got Kombucha?

April 19th, 2013. Press

Curious about the health benefits of kombucha? Check out this awesome blog post by Colin at Door to Door Organics in Chicago: What’s that cloudy beverage known as kombucha and sometimes affectionately called “booch” that everyone is drinking these days? It’s a sweetened tea that’s fermented with  a symbiotic  colony of bacteria

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Chad Vader & Our Very First Product Placement

December 7th, 2012. Press

You should watch Chad Vader, not only because it’s hilarious, but because it features the most boochin’ beverage on earth-NessAlla Kombucha. Head on over to Hulu to watch it now!

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NessAlla Team Edible Madison

Edible Madison Profile

June 16th, 2012. Press

Imagine that two beautiful women approach you and tell you they possess the recipe for an ancient elixir that can make you feel better, give you more energy, enhance your immune system, and maybe even leave you with less gray hair.

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Kombucha Kamp Podcast

October 6th, 2011. Press

Hannah Crum is The Kombucha Mamma, founder of Kombucha Kamp, Industry Journalist & Master Brewer, educating others about Kombucha since 2004.

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Sly in the Morning Interview: First Annual Kombucha-Off

February 22nd, 2011. Press

Check out our interview with the amazing Dylan Brogan on Sly in the Morning. We discuss the protests, the First Annual Kombucha-Off and more!

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Isthmus NessAlla Kombucha Article

Check us out in the Isthmus!

January 28th, 2011. Press

The Isthmus dropped by and profiled our Kombucha craft brewing operation last week. Here’s a taste of what Linda Falkenstein had to say about NessAlla: Different kombucha brews can taste as different from each other as ginger ale does from applejack. NessAlla makes four flavors – a basic oolong, passion

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Photo by Stephanie Riketts

My Year of Food: NessAlla Kombucha

January 7th, 2011. Press

We’ve been featured in My Year of Food, a local blog which explores Madison’s food scene. Head on over and check it out!

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In Business with Jody & Joan

December 22nd, 2010. Press

Learn all about NessAlla and our business model as we discuss kombucha with Jody & Joan on WTDY in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Sly in the Morning Interview

November 12th, 2010. Press

Check out our interview with the amazing Dylan Brogan on Sly in the Morning.

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Johnny Danger Interview

November 10th, 2010. Press

Johnny Danger interviews Nessalla Kombucha and talks about the first ever Madison Kombucha-off.

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The Radical Root

October 6th, 2010. Press

We love it when our fans give us a shoutout! Head on over to the Radical Root blog for lots of yummy recipes and food reviews.

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The NessAlla Kombucha Team

Willy Street Reader Producer Profile

April 1st, 2010. Press

We’ve been profiled in The Willy Street Co-Op Reader! We’re so honored to be included in our local co-op’s amazing lineup of producers. We use all Rishi Tea in our brewing and that is where the flavors come from. We don’t add any juice. In the seasonal blend we try

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