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Lemongrass Ginger NessAlla Kombucha on the production line

Write-Up in Wisconsin State Journal

October 2nd, 2017. Featured, NessAlla News, Press

NessAlla makes front page news! It’s true! Click here to read the article from Sunday’s Wisconsin State Journal. In this write-up on the upcoming Fermentation Fest, NessAlla co-owner Vanessa Tortolano shares her thoughts on the public’s growing curiosity with fermented foods, the types of people involved in the field, and

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NessAlla Kombucha Named Nature’s Brew

October 30th, 2016. Featured, NessAlla News, Press

Brava Magazine of Wisconsin names NessAlla Kombucha Nature’s Brew! With a combination of product, philosophy, and passion, NessAlla Kombucha has truly changed the lives of their consumers with their herbal drafts!

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The Roots of Health – Kombucha 101

January 1st, 2016. Press

Meredith Rhodes Carson interviewed us for her podcast, the Roots of Health. Listen in as we discuss the history of kombucha, why you should drink kombucha, and the hubbub around kombucha’s alcohol content.

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PBS Living the Wisconsin life

September 30th, 2015. Featured, NessAlla News, Press, The Brewery

Please watch this awesome video from Living the Wisconsin Life! So wonderful to share our kombucha in a meaningful way!

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Meet the Make-Hers spotlights women leaders in Madison’s culinary scene

June 15th, 2015. Press

The “Meet the Make-Hers” cocktail party event at the Madison Public Library featured some of the best known local women in the culinary arts and a talk by food writer Ruth Reichl. Read more:  

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Salud! Sour and funky, fermented kombucha stars in cocktails

May 15th, 2015. Featured, Press

Thanks for the great article, Lindsay Christians, in this weeks The Cap Times.  Read all about the amazing bars and restaurants that feature a NessAlla Kombucha cocktail on their menus and why kombucha makes such a great mixer to pair with your favorite spirit.   I’m thinking it’s time for

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NessAlla Product Lineup

The Morning Show: Yelp’s Madison Made

January 23rd, 2015. Featured, Press

We made the news with some other amazing Wisconsin Artisans! Thanks Corey Dane and Yelp’s Madison Made series!

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NessAlla Product Lineup

The Badger Herald-Fermentation Bubbles to the Surface

January 22nd, 2015. Press

Experience this fermented magic! This article from The Badger Herald features fermented foods locally made here in Madison. Including us!!!

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Outpost Vendor Photo

OutPost Foods

November 12th, 2014. Press

Kombucha is definitely a conversation starter. If you’ve never tried the fizzy beverage, then you might not understand why. If you make it for a living, like Vanessa Tortolano and Alla Tsypin, owners of Nessalla Kombucha, then you quickly learn that people are fascinated by the stuff.

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Talk of the Town

May 11th, 2014. Press

We were interviewed on CW57’s Talk of the Town this month. Did you miss the broadcast? You’re in luck, ’cause we’ve got the video!

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Kombucha Old Fashioned

Fresh Cup, May 2014

May 2nd, 2014. Press

Our very own Jeanette Dainty has an article in Fresh Cup this month exploring craft cocktails made with NessAlla Kombucha.

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FermUp Podcast

April 30th, 2014. Press

FermUp the Fermented Food Podcast interviewed us. Check out the podcast on their site.

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Mary Moyer

Kombucha and the fermented beverage revival

April 26th, 2014. Press

Health Writer Mary Moyer visits the NessAlla kombucha brewery and speaks with owners Alla Tsypin and Vanessa Tortolano about the fermented beverages they produce. Check out the podcast on their website.

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The Restaurant Show

April 11th, 2014. Press

Alla & Jeanette show you how to make tasty kombucha cocktails on the CW’s Restaurant Show!

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NessAlla Product Lineup In Season

March 22nd, 2014. NessAlla News, Press

We share some kombucha knowledge and recipes with the Wisconsin State Journal in this article.

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