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Queen Jennie Julep Kombucha Cocktail

The Oolong is Changing

April 29th, 2015. Business - Other, Featured, NessAlla News

Hello all you Traditional Oolong fans! Due to the hold ups and what-nots in the ports on the West Coast, Rishi tea is having a hard time getting our Wuyi Oolong. SO, we had to switch to a different Oolong to brew with. The new Oolong is a bit more

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Working on Organic Certification

February 9th, 2015. Business - Other, Featured

Whoa! SO we are finally doing it! We have submitted our files and application to MOSA the Midwest Organic Services Association. We are on our way to being certified. That being said, holy hell is it tedious! As it should be, don’t get me wrong. You definitely want to be

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