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Welcome the Fall Season with the Wyalusing Wander!!

September 17th, 2015. NessAlla News

We’re on the cusp of the Fall Season and when our friends at asked NessAlla Kombucha staff mixologist Jeanette Dainty what she likes about fall, she said “Autumn leaves, fall fruit, and Bourbon”! (and it turns out to be whiskey too on this occasion)   Here is Jeanette’s latest

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NessAlla Sales coming up!!

September 16th, 2015. Featured, NessAlla News

There will be SALES! The last two weeks of September the Willy Street Co-op in Madison, Wi will have NessAlla on sale at 2 for $6! Then all Outpost stores in Milwaukee, Wi will be on sale 2 for $6 for the first two weeks of October starting September 30th!

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Tuesday Farmers Market! 9/15

September 15th, 2015. Featured, NessAlla News

Oh my GOSH!! We still have some watermelon left. Mmmmmmmm you should get some!  We are also going to make more, but if it turns out better than this we just might keep it all as a winter storage and auction it off! Yes, that’s it! We will save some

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Photo by Vanessa Tortolano

Watermelon at the West Side Community Market!

September 11th, 2015. Farmers Market, Featured, Kombucha Flavors

Yeah. You heard me. Watermelon! You need to thank Alla for it even being sold this year. We’ve been making it every summer for years and hoarding it all for ourselves and close friends. I said, “noooooooooooooo! It’s all for us! If they don’t even know about it, they won’t

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Hair Flippin’ Good

September 9th, 2015. Featured

We had a fun weekend up at the Stonehouse Farm for Sukhava Bodhe. We got creative one day with the sweet pond and afternoon glowing sunshine to make this for all of you. You’re welcome. NessAlla Kombucha makes your body happy….  

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West Side Community Market

September 3rd, 2015. NessAlla News

This just in! We WILL be doing the West Side Community Market this Saturday from 7am-1pm. Come by and get some of the super yummo Apricot Ginger and Elderberry Aronia. This stuff is so awesome and only here for a very limited time and ONLY at the Farmers Market. Booch

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East Side Farmers Market!

September 1st, 2015. Farmers Market

Hi guys!  East side farmers Market this Tuesday from 4pm-7pm. Stop by and fill your growlers up with Aronia and Cherry Sumac. This stuff is so good and only available at the Farmers Market and for a very short time! Get yer booch on and enjoy the rest of the

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NessAlla Kombucha Aronia Berry Kombucha

Farmers Market For August 29th

August 28th, 2015. Farmers Market

Hiiiiiii! We haven’t posted in a hot minuet as we have been super freakin busy! We have had some of the biggest order weeks to date and have been workin hard to get that booch in your hands. This Week at the Saturday at the West Side Community Farmers Market

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Keeping Integrity in the face of Growth

August 26th, 2015. Featured, NessAlla News

  Well hello! What a “lovely” cool few days we’ve had here…..-_-  Personally I am not very fond of it. I have tomatoes that need ripening and cool refreshing waters to go swim in. Neither of these things will happen as they should with temps below 80. Gripe over. Here

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Farmers Market for Aug 4th & 8th

August 5th, 2015. Farmers Market, Kombucha Flavors

Dudes. This week we have CHERRY!! Door county cherries? Um, yes. It’s awesome. Come and get it!! Fill your growlers and maybe even add one on. This flavor is bangin’ We will also be tapping up some brand new Apricot Ginger! So light and tasty!   Tuesday at the East

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Farmers Market Flavors for 7/28 8/1

July 28th, 2015. Farmers Market, Kombucha Flavors, NessAlla News

Holy canoli’s guys it’s already almost August!! You can tell because it’s hotter than the ginger bread house oven and the cicada’s are singing the ” It’s F*@&!ng Hot ” song. Good thing we have some amazingly cooling brews. Have you ever heard the phrase “cool as a cucumber”? There

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Waxwing’s Whisper

July 27th, 2015. Farmers Market, Kombucha Craft Cocktails

Celebrating the fragrance of flowering trees and the beautiful berry offerings of Wisconsin…The Waxwing’s Whisper

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NessAlla Culture Tshirt

Subtle Synchronistic Symbiosis

July 22nd, 2015. Featured

The following article is solely the opinion of the writer and does not represent the beliefs of NessAlla Kombucha, affiliates or employees. So, I’ve got this theory. Well I have lots of them that rattle around in my noggin, but this one really started taking shape about a year or

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What’s at the Farmers Markets this week?

July 20th, 2015. Farmers Market, Kombucha Flavors

So maybe I could get this stupid program to respond to me and cooperate while I’m on vacation!!! *huffs and puffs* I’m not in Madison, what do I care what flavors there are? Just kidding. Oh look! It decided to work. I’ve learned that sometimes you just have to yell

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Summer Shandies with Kombucha!

July 15th, 2015. Featured, NessAlla News

Summer time is my favorite time for Shandies. NessAlla was fortunate enough to be featured in the Cap Times article non-traditional shandies. For about 3 years or more, I can’t remember when I started, I have been drinking kombucha with beer. 1/2 & 1/2. They are pretty much my two

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