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NessAlla + Untitled Art Tiki Milkshake

April 4th, 2019. Beer, Booch ’N Beer, Featured

We’re shaking it up with a mix from Untitled Art & Windmill Brewing Company in this week’s episode of Booch ’n’ Beer. We did a tasty little tango with our Lemongrass Ginger and Untitled Art’s Tiki Milkshake IPA. Vanessa recommends bringing a bit more beer than Booch into the mix

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NessAlla Kombucha + Untitled Art Grissette

March 28th, 2019. Beer, Booch ’N Beer, Featured

This week, on Booch ‘N Beer we pair Untitled Art’s Grisette, with our one and only Butterfly Effect CBD kombucha. Untitled Art Brewery’s Grissette is equal parts active and lively and pairs ever so beautifully with our light and flowery Butterfly Effect. Equal parts sweet and tart, with a gentle

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NessAlla + Next Door Maibock

March 21st, 2019. Beer, Booch ’N Beer, Featured

This week, it’s a Booch ‘N Beer day in the neighborhood and Vanessa’s on location at the fabulous Next Door Brewing Company with head brewer Dave Hansen. This flight of fancy includes magical pairings of Next Door Bubbler Blonde with our Mango Turmeric booch; Next Door’s Jetpack Turtle IPA with

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NessAlla + Working Draft Booyah Saison

March 15th, 2019. Beer, Booch ’N Beer, Featured

This week on Booch ’N’ Beer, we introduce Working Draft Beer Company’s light and bubbly Booyah Saison to our rich and juicy Peach Blush. It’s an opposites attract match-up that is so crazy and unexpected, it just might work. Check it out! SPOILER ALERT: It works. And it tastes super

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NessAlla + Working Draft Future Tense

March 7th, 2019. Beer, Booch ’N Beer, Featured

Welcome back to Booch ‘N Beer! This week’s episode features our Juniper Rose Kombucha paired with Working Draft Beer Company’s Future Tense Brut IPA, a local Madison brew. Check out our video to learn more about this awesome pairing. Follow along as we visit our favorite craft breweries and create scrumptious beer

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NessAlla + Giant Jones Radler

February 28th, 2019. Beer, Booch ’N Beer, Featured

Our new episode of Booch ‘N Beer features a BIG IIPA from Giant Jones Brewing. See how we pair our Mango Turmeric flavor with their Cyclops IIPA. It’s luscious, spicy and just a tad bit tropical. Follow along as we visit our favorite craft breweries and create scrumptious beer cocktails—new episodes coming

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Welcome to Booch ’N Beer

February 20th, 2019. Beer, Booch ’N Beer, Featured

Call it a radler. Call it shandy. Call it cyclist. No matter what you call it, we find that a half-kombucha, half-beer combo is an incredibly tasty beverage. In our Booch ‘N Beer series, we’ll show you our favorite pairings using NessAlla Kombucha and local craft brews.  Follow along as

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A NessAlla Kombucha pint glass, filled with NessAlla Kombucha and beer to create a kombucha radler or shandy.

Beer and Cheese Fest 2019

January 17th, 2019. Beer, Cheese, Featured, Madison

Are you ready for the 2019 Beer and Cheese Fest? We are. As you know, this Saturday, January 19th, 2019, NessAlla Kombucha will be serving up samples of our raw, organic, craft brewed kombucha at the 10th Annual Isthmus Beer and Cheese Fest. (Oh, you didn’t know we’d be there?

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NessAlla Kombucha Returns to Its East Side Roots

January 9th, 2019. Featured, Madison, NessAlla News, The Brewery

Moving On Back, To the East Side This week, we moved into our new home at the historic Garver Feed Mill. At approximately 16,000 square feet, the new facility is twice the size of our old space – which means we can make more booch!  We are the first tenant

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Raspberry Booch Martini, a craft kombucha cocktail featuring NessAlla Kombucha

Raspberry Booch Martini

December 27th, 2018. Kombucha Craft Cocktails

Some occasions call for one drink and one drink only: the martini. This craft kombucha cocktail adds a twist to your standard martini, and then adds a couple more twists for good measure. Thanks to The Flavor Bender for the inspiration for this recipe. Be sure to check out their

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