About NessAlla Kombucha – Nessalla Kombucha

Our Story

Ness and Alla. Always supporting local farms and local businesses.

Vanessa + Alla = NessAlla

We came together with the common vision of helping the community gain a deeper knowledge of health and well being. Both certified herbalists, we began teaching kombucha brewing classes in Madison, Wisconsin in 2008. We became well known for our kombucha knowledge and word of our expertise spread. Workshops sold out and we soon had a SCOBY farm growing! We decided to work together to create one of the nation’s first small, local kombucha breweries.

scoby-fermentersSince then, We’ve outgrown two spaces and opened a custom built, eco-friendly brewery on the south side of Madison. We’ve added new flavors, new team members and new energy, but our commitment to brewing the finest kombucha on earth hasn’t changed a bit. We hope you can taste the love.

The Crew

Franklin J. Parr

Frank is our Slinger of Booch, Master of Sales, Crafter of Kombucha Cocktails, and NessAlla’s Officiant of Charm. Frank keeps our customers smiling and their shelves full of NessAlla Kombucha.

Cassie Schmid

Cassie is our Executive Coordinator Extraordinaire. She makes sure that everything is on point and organized. Without her, we’d be… um… Cassie? Cassie, where would we be without you? Cassie?!? Oh, she said that we’d be lost with her. Good thing we’ve got her around.


Patrick Wolff

Patrick is our Brewer of the Booch & Ambassador of Good Vibes. He keeps the NessAlla Crew jamming and the booch flowing.

Greg Eberwein

Greg is NessAlla Kombucha’s Head Brewer, overseeing our mean, lean booch producing machine. In addition to keeping operations running smoothly, he’s our in-house beer connoisseur, with personal ratings and reviews on seemingly every beer ever brewed.


Meet Nina, the sweetest pup we’ve ever met.