Our Story

Ness and Alla. Always supporting local farms and local business

Vanessa + Alla = NessAlla

We came together with the common vision of helping the community gain a deeper knowledge of health and well being. Both certified herbalists, we began teaching kombucha brewing classes in Madison, Wisconsin in 2007. We became well known for our kombucha knowledge and word of our expertise spread. Workshops sold out and we soon had a SCOBY farm growing! We decided to work together to create one of the nation’s first small, local kombucha breweries.

scoby-fermentersSince then, We’ve outgrown two spaces and opened a custom built, eco-friendly brewery on the south side of Madison. We’ve added new flavors, new team members and new energy, but our commitment to brewing the finest kombucha on earth hasn’t changed a bit. We hope you can taste the love.

Our Team

We take pride in our small size and our all involved, boochin’ staff!  Yes, those are the owners of NessAlla answering your questions at that tasting down the street, and those people pouring you samples at the grocery store also brew the kombucha! We are all a team and we work together to get things done!

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Greg Eberwein, Kitchen Manager & Brewer

Greg Eberwein

Greg started with us in 2011 and has worked his way up to kitchen manager and brewer. He ensures awesome work flow in the kitchen and with the team—making sure that NessAlla Kombucha is always fresh and flavorful when it gets to you!

Franklin J. Parr, Booch slingin, sales and official charmer.

Frank swoops in and makes sure our customers are happy and well stocked


Cassie Schmid, Executive Coordinator Extraordinaire!

Cass makes sure this ship runs tight and organized

Patrick Wolff, Brewer

Patrick brings all the good vibes in the world and keeps us jammin

Photo by Hannah Wente Photography at the Family Farmed Festival 2016

Photo by Hannah Wente Photography at the Family Farmed Festival 2016